Stage to Sell 2019

After graduating from the Design Institute of London, and as a Licensed Real Estate Sales and Marketing specialist, I felt the need to deliver exceptional property services to my clients. Having bought and sold many of my own properties i can say that home staging attracted many more buyers to my open home inspections. I often sold  homes with all of the furniture styling complete and this reaffirmed to me that buyers wanted a beautiful home to live in where they didn’t have to think about creating a look – beautiful rooms create beautiful moments.

I believe there are two vital components when selling you property – Staging your home beautifully and selecting the right agent!

My clients now ask me to stage and style their home and then help them select and monitor the agent when selling their home. As a licensed Vendors Advocate i interview, monitor and review the selling agents performance to help my owners get their home sold for top price.  I negotiate the fees, plan and refresh marketing strategies, and work with you to consider buyers offers taking away all the stress by assisting you every step of the way. As an independent we charge the selling agent a percentage fee of the purchase price which comes out of their commission – so it’s an added service completely free to you.

As Buyers have less time to work on properties they generally enquire on homes that have greater appeal, such as home staged properties- if you want your marketing campaign to really work for you, home staging will gain you more buyers and more profit. Did you know home staging accounts for 38% of listed properties and the returns on those sold are between 5-10% greater?  That’s truly worth investing in isn’t it?

I am proud to say that i make styling affordable for my clients without compromising the look and have been interviewed on Radio Podcast and at the Home and Garden Expos i can say that my clients are ever so amazed with the final design. I like to meet the demands of buyers and give my clients every opportunity of fetching a top price. Real Estate Agents love us as we give them great properties to sell.

If i’m designing for the client to live in or home staging for selling, every piece of my design is interwoven to sprinkle a little magic that is unique to each property – i’m told it’s a gift that i have to bring a property to life. As a designer i am ever so inspired by my travels and my treasure finds that a piece of them is added to my home staging designs. I also like to mix and match with my clients items where possible adding another layer of dimension to the staging design.

A few of my favourite things-  Old World Roses colour champagne, farmhouse stable doors, picture windows, rustic urns with silver falls.

My favourite Journey – Artefacts and Treasures

My favourite Stylist  – Rachel Ashwell and her team who i spent time with in Santa Monica.

My greatest achievements to date are Display Homes and Multi Dwelling Apartments – i love being involved in the whole design process and to project manage a team. 

I feel impressed when i am told about our level of expertise and what makes us really stand out is our complete Property Styling Service, and our list of qualified trades persons who can get any job done. My aim is to see your home beautifully STAGED and SOLD.” Call me on 0418 416 204 for more information.

Tanya Nicholas
National Training Provider