Styling your home for sale

Real estate agents are fast realizing that styling ‘Home Staging’ is now an integral part of the marketing and makes for great photography. I’m always attending the photo shoot to prop the items as to help capture that premier photo in each room.  .

A home that has it’s positive attributes enhanced, that is welcoming, fresh and inviting is always attracting more buyers to open home inspections. As buyers become time savvy they want to walk in and see it exceptionally styled – i believe as median house prices rise, buyers too raise their expectations . Statistics prove time and time again that properties home staged achieve greater prices – as a vendors advocate i see this often.

I am asked on many occasions is it best to invest in a full styling package and i always reply, invest in the biggest package you can afford as it will bring you the greatest return on your investment. We have a package to suit everyone and all at reasonable costs

*Talk to me about how to engage the right agent to get your home sold – agents opinions differ when it comes to strategic selling, and it is crucial to get it right for the market conditions you are selling in – remember you want your home to sell in a time frame in the first 4 – 6 weeks that’s when you get the hottest buyers on a fresh campaign. You don’t want your home advertised as an old listing.  Newly listed houses are always coming on to the market and they will dominate the pool of homes for sale – making your one at the end of the page look tired or as buyers think ‘something wrong’ with the property, and then all of your offers will be less.

Tips for styling for sale

  1. Engage an accredited Stylist or Interior Designer they know how to achieve a professional luxurious look that will fetch you top dollar.
  2. Mini makeovers such as paint and flooring gives a fresh look when choosing the right colours for the home it will sparkle and add freshness.
  3. Depersonalize and Declutter placing personal effects, photos, paintings , ornaments into storage allows for a fresh canvas to work with.
  4. Fresh plants can liven up the space and add natural textures to a room and artwork makes the space interesting.
  5. Proportion and scale is the key to choosing furniture items an expert stylist knows how to work with the space to create flow.
  6. Neutral doesn’t have to be clinical and choosing a white colour palette means balance and  harmony within a space – add lots of textures to white.
  7. Sun drenched, and light filled rooms are most desired by buyers. Invest in good lighting where needed. Open drapes and blinds on open home day. Invest in beautiful lights with ambient glow as they are a feature in any room.
  8. Fresh Flowers that compliment or contrast the colour theme and over-sized bunches look great.
  9. Patio areas come to life with lovely cane settings and two or three pots of plants in different sizes makes the space interesting.
  10. Front door is a must for adding street appeal -paint it a colour that compliments the style of the home.

At Interior Design Bowral you can be guaranteed you will get a professional service from a stylist who is qualified to design your home for sale.

Tanya Nicholas

LREA  C.I.D Interior Designer Property Stylist