Steps to improve your homes chances of selling in any market

When i think of selling i have a huge list of things i need to get right before engaging an agent and Home Staging Property styling is always first on my list. My clients always ask me how much should they allow for improvements and we assess this very carefully to avoid over capitalizing. As a Real estate agent with property styling staging experience i can give you that level of expertise and it can save you thousands on costly mistakes.

1/  Set a price that is attractive to buyers, talk to a minimum of three agents and perhaps engage a registered valuer especially when the market drops. A valuer will take in all factors and do extensive research when assessing your homes true sale price. For a relatively small fee you receive a full report on what your home is really worth – and isn’t that a great way to make an informed decision?  The wrong selling price due to market conditions can cost you dearly in the early stages of your sale campaign and this is when you have the greatest amount of buyers interest. Location, size, age, features and proximity to local amenities, other properties and economic factors on the market demands will determine the price.

2/ Ask your Agent about their marketing strategies on the internet Real Estate sites as the packages vary and you want to get your house seen as much as possible on the page in your area especially in the first 4 – 6 weeks of the campaign. Discuss carefully the sale method before signing any contracts and ask the strategies employed to get the result you need. Check you have the open home times visible and set the times when most buyers are likely to be in your area. If the results are not there early the whole campaign needs to be reviewed FAST.

3/ Attract the right buyers who will pay a premium for the right property – PRESENTATION attributes to successful sales. Engage cleaners, gardeners and Home Staging pro’s to really make your home stand out on the internet. Great staging and photography brings in buyers enquiry then it’s up to your agent to use their skills.

4/ STAGING your home is now what buyers expect –  yes they expect to see a home beautifully presented in front of them. Emotive buyers are heart connected to the property so if If you want to get top dollar you need to be staging the home. It is too easy for buyers to just go the the next best home for sale. Imagine your a buyer flicking through hundreds of homes for sale, it’s easy to look past homes that are not staged, as they are not as appealing. I always say INVEST in the best package you can afford and your likely to get approx  5-10% more on the price.   Id’e say that’s a great return on the money invested wouldn’t you?

5/ Which SEASON of the year is best to sell in your area, timing is crucial. Weather, holiday periods, peak and off peak seasons are all factors – think like a buyer… what would you be looking to buy and what makes the timing right.

6/ All documents need to be prepared prior to sale, speak to your solicitor well in advance. Any inspections on the property should be supported by documents when selling to overcome any delays in offers. Ask your agent to receive all offers in writing and then you can consider them, a HOT buyer is one you should never let go and one who is generally early in the campaign. Always look at the homes for sale and projects that are occurring in your area; such as new builds and new land release – you are competing with these. There are many homes for sale never disregard  a HOT buyer as they will act more on your terms.

7. Ask us about our  Real Estate Vendors Advocate services it’s free to you as the agent pays us a fee from their commission. We will interview the agents for you to plan the right strategies and monitor the entire selling process and help you with considering offers on your home so that it is stress- free. We even attend the open homes and give you our feedback – Think of it as managing the entire process of selling so that you the client are greater informed.

8/ Selling your home is a big decision and the more information you have from us as a vendors advocate the better you can make your decision.

9/ The biggest deal is attention to detail OPEN HOME DAY so many homes do not clearly display the open home times on their boards. You would be surprised how many people drive around looking at properties and just drive off because the agent hasn’t added the date and times on the board. Perhaps the dates haven’t been updated in the portals or the home is in the wrong price search engine on the internet sites. Remember it’s vital that you stand out from the competitors.

10/ Your house should sell fast and for top dollar, the longer it sits on the market the less likely you are to get a top price. Keep the marketing fresh – i can give you a few tips on that. So when it comes to Staging and Selling we want you to have a home that brings in the buyers and then we check on what the agent is doing or not doing to get your home sold fast – we are with you every step of the way.

Tanya Nicholas


C.I.D interior designer/ property stylist.