Colour trends 2018

Colour trends 2018

Naturals and Neutrals are the taupe collection which are gray/brown, soft brown, sand and grey green for a calming relaxing feel, or the muted shades of blue. Combining different textures will add life to any room and jazz it up-

Muted colours in paler tones add depth to a neutral palette – i love the beauty of imperfection handmade crockery and ornaments all bring character to the home. Bedroom dressers can be freshened up with a shade of your favourite colour and crystal knobs or pulls add charm. Add rhythm and repetition with jagged textiles, handwoven and handmade items always adds personality to any decor .

Warm hues and in terracotta, mustard, clay add life to a grey scheme especially when a feature wall is added to highlight a space – it becomes the hero of the room.  Muted shades in different tones can add depth is layered correctly and furniture items compliment with a hint of contrast. I like subtle and velvety styling to compliment the colour scheme and the right furniture items will bring out the entire paint scheme.

*Choose three colours on the swatch and choose the majority fill of colour in ¼ or ½ shade – such as walls. One or two tones lighter or darker for feature walls.

Dulux Flooded Gum and Lyttelton are my favourites,  mid-grey taupe pair it with the ash or oak timbers and Black Japan floorboards. Flooded Gum with lexicon works well with most denim blues and tan leather/ black ash styles. Add platinum ornaments or brass and black.

Dulux  have selected combinations 2018 –

flooded gum half (gray), elusive blue, noble knight

lyttelton half (gray)

whites – lexicon half ,

combination – terrace white, century mist, night of the realm

spanish olive, gnu tan, crystal palace

clay court, terrace white, dieskau

*always order sample pots and swatches and test before painting as natural light will affect colour choices.