Home Staging

Home Staging really brings your property to life – as a home staging expert i enjoy adding a variety of interesting pieces of furniture to capture the buyers eye. A fresh colour palette is a must, i recommend dulux colours for great tones. I like to replace old lighting to enliven the space and add some charm to the home.

From the moment i drive up the drive i get a sense of the homes appeal and whether it stands out from the crowd. As an Interior Designer who has Styled and Staged many homes, i believe a home has to have good street presence as well as beautifully staged rooms. I love a fresh clean house and i often engage my cleaners to do windows, floors and mirrors to add sparkle prior to any Home Staging plan.

Having styled and staged many homes including display homes, i feel staging really adds value to any property and showcases it’s finer points to attract more buyers. I love preparing all of the elements, and lighting with furniture items in a format that communicates within a space –  home staging creates a story and buyers love that.

I love working with a fresh canvas and most of my clients will ask me about paint and flooring combinations – it is all about texture, colour, tone and floors need to be functional and high traffic areas need resistant flooring. I feel a great sense of achievement when  completing a Home Staging design, where the owner of the home is amazed by the transformation and where the buyers come in droves on open home day!

As a project manager in the design makeover i can take a very ordinary home and make it look outstanding with minimal cost – my clients are ever so amazed. I’ve been told it’s a real gift i have in working with my team to create beautifully staged homes, and I am always told how creative and professional we are. We are renown for completing things with ease in a speedy time-frame.

My clients ask me if i can work with some of their furniture items and mix and match the look and i do, as it keeps costs down and makes the staging interesting – there is something beautiful and unique when the owner hands me a rare find  – it adds real charm and makes for a great photo shoot.

When i am out inspecting homes one thing that i am always looking for, is the homes potential – with minimal cost. Styling items generally pop out at me, it could be a simple rustic urn that sets the scene or a perfumed scented blossom or a picket fence – for me, these are the elements that begin the home staging creativity, and what really draws in a buyer on open home day.

We look forward to Home Staging your home and creating an experience that vendors and buyers will adore.

Please be sure to check out one of my recent display home staging – at Integrity Homes 56 Renwick Dr Renwick NSW.

Tanya Nicholas IDB

Interior Designer, Property Stylist/Home Staging